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LaikaAI ICO (LKI) Achieves 78% of $1.6M Goal, Collects $1.3M

LaikaAI ICO Achieves 78% of $1.67M Goal, Collects $1.31M

LaikaAI ICO (LKI) Achieves 78% of $1.6M Goal, Collects $1.3M

Quick Overview:

  • LaikaAI Introduction: Pioneering AI integration in blockchain, focusing on data processing for Web3, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs.
  • Token Sale Details: Raised $1,310,000 in ICO, sold 35% of 1 billion LKI tokens, exclusively accepting USDC.
  • Innovative AI Features: Offers token contract analysis on 18 EVM chains, wallet audits, and NFT authenticity verification.

LaikaAI is at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement to integrate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) within the blockchain ecosystem. The project’s vision revolves around developing an on-chain data layer specifically tailored for AI applications. Moreover, it aims to revolutionise how data is processed and utilised across various blockchain networks. With a focus on market analysis, security, and insightful data interpretation, LaikaAI aspires to empower Web3 users with the tools necessary for informed decision-making in the realms of cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

LKI Token Sale: $360K from 35% of 1 Billion Tokens

From 9th May to 24th May, the company held its initial coin offering (ICO) for the LKI token, a utility token under the BEP-20 standard. During this period, the project successfully raised $1,310,000, achieving 78% of its ambitious $1,670,000 target. Priced at $0.007 per token, the ICO aimed to gather $360,000 with a total of 1 billion LKI tokens minted. Notably, the team make 35% of these tokens available for sale, exclusively accepting USDC as the transaction currency.

LaikaAI ICO’s Mission: Enhance Decision-Making in Web3

LaikaAI’s mission intertwines deeply with its vision for the future—a decentralised intelligence network that all users within the Web3 space can access. The platform aims to equip users with advanced tools for meticulously analysing crypto assets, DeFi projects, and NFTs. As a result, it will enhance stakeholders’ ability to make well-informed decisions. LaikaAI achieves this empowerment by using innovative AI technologies that continuously evolve, keeping the platform at the cutting edge of blockchain technology innovation.

18 EVM Chains Covered, Focus on DeFi and NFT Authenticity

One of the standout features of LaikaAI is its comprehensive token contract analysis, which spans 18 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains. The platform also offers specialised services such as approval checks, wallet audits, and phishing website detection. Moreover, its AI models can easily conduct DeFi research and verify the authenticity of NFTs. Thus, the platform provides a robust framework for on-chain analytics and marketplace monitoring. In recent updates, LaikaAI has focused on creating a decentralised library for AI applications, addressing key issues such as scalability, security, and trust in existing solutions.

Technical Setup: Data Ingestion with Kafka, AI Training on TensorFlow

At its core, LaikaAI employs a sophisticated technical architecture that includes data ingestion from diverse sources such as exchanges, blockchain networks, and news feeds facilitated by Kafka and processed by Apache Spark. The AI models are trained using TensorFlow and PyTorch, with deployment managed through Docker and Kubernetes for scalability and reliability. The integration extends to smart contract and transaction monitoring across various networks, ensuring comprehensive coverage and enhanced security.

Security and Database: GDPR Compliant, Utilizes Google Cloud Storage

Security and Database: GDPR Compliant, Utilizes Google Cloud Storage

The company also utilises MongoDB Atlas for its NoSQL database solutions and leverages Google Cloud Storage for scalable data storage needs. In terms of security, the platform adheres to stringent measures, including end-to-end encryption and complies with GDPR, KYC, and AML regulations. The entire infrastructure is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, benefiting from cloud load balancing and efficient resource management.

Enhanced User Experience: Built with React.js, Monitored via ELK Stack

The user interface of LaikaAI, developed with React.js, offers a seamless and intuitive experience for users. It integrates with various RESTful APIs, ensuring a responsive and interactive environment for users to engage with the platform’s features. The company conducts regular monitoring and maintenance via the ELK Stack, with performance monitoring tools hosted on Google Cloud to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

LaikaAI ICO’s Forward Vision: Broadening Blockchain Tech Access

LaikaAI is on a trajectory of continuous advancement. Its future goals are ambitious, aiming to democratize access to sophisticated blockchain technologies. Additionally, the company plans to integrate new features that will enhance scalability and flexibility. Furthermore, by fostering continuous innovation and adopting cutting-edge technologies, LaikaAI seems poised to redefine the standards of decentralised intelligence. Consequently, these efforts will make it more accessible, efficient, and beneficial for a broader audience within the blockchain community.

Overall, this platform stands out as more than just another project in the blockchain space. Indeed, it is a visionary enterprise destined to transform the landscape of decentralised technologies with its innovative AI solutions. Currently, its ongoing ICO reflects investors’ and users’ confidence and enthusiasm. Clearly, these stakeholders are eager to be part of this revolutionary journey.

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