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Mon Protocol’s ICO and Partnerships Kick Off Web3 Era

Mon Protocol's ICO and Partnerships Kick Off Web3 Era

Mon Protocol’s ICO and Immutable Partnership Kick Off Web3 Era

Key Points

  • Mon Protocol’s ICO for the MON token starts on 20 May with no set fundraising goal, offering 19% of its 1 billion tokens.
  • Partnered with Immutable to enhance user acquisition and awareness, boosting growth in the web3 gaming space.
  • Collaborating with games like Guild of Guardians and Illuvium: Beyond, focusing on high-quality blockchain-powered gaming experiences.
  • Leveraging Immutable’s zkEVM for scalability, low costs, and enterprise-grade security to provide seamless gaming.
  • Aiming to be the leading blockchain-native game publisher, supported by major investors and focusing on expanding web3 gaming.

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, Mon Protocol is emerging as a game-changer in the gaming industry. Often described as the “Nintendo of Web3,” Mon Protocol is dedicated to developing and publishing blockchain-native intellectual properties (IPs) and games. With an exciting Initial Coin Offering (ICO) just hours away, this project promises to bring a fresh perspective to the gaming sector. Let’s dive into the details and explore what makes Mon Protocol stand out.

Mon Protocol’s Token Sale: 190 Million Tokens Up for Grabs

The much-anticipated token sale for Mon Protocol is set to begin in just three hours. Unlike many ICOs, Mon Protocol has opted not to set a specific fundraising goal, allowing the market to determine the value of its initiative. Commencing on 20 May, the token sale will feature the MON token, an ERC20 utility token designed to power the platform’s ecosystem. Moreover, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, 19% will be available for sale. This approach provides a unique opportunity for investors to become part of a pioneering project poised to revolutionise the gaming industry through blockchain technology.

Immutable Partnership to Boost Mon Protocol’s Market Reach

This project has been making waves with several significant announcements, most notably its strategic partnership with Immutable. On 20 May, it announced its role as a game and IP publishing partner of Immutable. Furthermore, this partnership is set to enhance social awareness and user acquisition strategies for top-tier gaming projects on the Immutable platform. Giulio Xiloyannis, co-founder of Mon Protocol, expressed his enthusiasm. He also highlighted that the partnership with Immutable brings together two of the fastest-growing user bases in the industry. Besides, this collaboration should drive substantial growth and innovation within the web3 gaming space.

Alliances with Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, and More

The company has already formed alliances with some notable names in the gaming world. In addition, the project is working with acclaimed games such as Guild of Guardians, Illuvium: Beyond, BLOCKLORDS, Warriors of Nova Thera, and an upcoming hypercasual game. These collaborations underscore Mon Protocol’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences powered by blockchain technology. Each partnership also aims to leverage the unique advantages of blockchain to create immersive and engaging gaming experiences for users.

Leveraging Immutable's zkEVM for Enhanced Performance

Leveraging Immutable’s zkEVM for Enhanced Performance

A core component of Mon Protocol’s strategy is its integration with Immutable’s cutting-edge technology. The latter leverages zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) technology and integrating with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). As a result, it offers an advanced technological foundation for Mon Protocol. The Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, ensures compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem, as well. Besides, it provides low costs, massive scalability with up to 9,000 transactions per second, negligible gas fees, and enterprise-grade security. Thus, this robust technology stack is crucial for delivering a seamless and efficient gaming experience to a global audience.

Pixelmon IP and Major Backers Propel Mon Protocol Forward

Mon Protocol aims to become the leading publisher of blockchain-native IP and games. With the Pixelmon gaming IP as a founding partner, it focuses on building a large community of web3-savvy gamers and fans. Additionally, the platform enables blockchain-native projects to reach a broader audience. This approach facilitates the growth and adoption of web3 gaming.

Moreover, a diverse group of investors supports this project. These include Inevitable Gaming Fund, Foresight Ventures, and Delphi Ventures. Notable angel investors like Gabby Dizon from Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Ray Chan from 9GAG also back the project. Consequently, the Mon Protocol is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals.

Stakeland Development and MEME Token Staking in May 2024

Recently, the company announced its development on Stakeland. This move emphasises its ambition to create a “Nintendo of Web3.” Binance News reported the announcement. This coverage highlights Mon Protocol’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming. Besides, Pixelmon, a monster collection IP game, plays a key role in this development. This project positions Mon Protocol as the preferred game publisher for ecosystems like Solana, Aptos, and Immutable.

Mon Protocol stands at the brink of transforming the gaming industry. It merges the best aspects of blockchain technology with innovative gaming experiences. With its upcoming ICO, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge technology, it seems poised to lead the way in the web3 gaming revolution.

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