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Bitcoin Puppets – What Are They And How To Buy Them?

Bitcoin Puppets - How To Buy Them?

Bitcoin Puppets – What Are They And How To Buy Them?

Recently, the world of cryptocurrencies cannot leave us indifferent or surprise us with interesting names. One is Bitcoin Puppets, which cryptocurrency enthusiasts associate with various things.

What exactly is this about, and what exactly are bitcoins?

Are they worth investing in, or are their forecasts not the best? First, it’s crucial to note that Since the rise of Ordinal inscriptions, the Ordinals collectors community has seen numerous collections.

We’re talking about the specific crypto collection that’s special in terms of innovative digital art and beautiful creations.

So, let’s get all the crucial info about the popular Bitcoin Puppets collection, shall we?

What do Bitcoin Puppets represent exactly?

Bitcoin Puppets represent a specific Bitcoin Ordinals series that features 10,001 manually created M.S. Paint primates involved in daring endeavours. These Bitcoin Puppets were launched back in January 2024.

Since they expand upon the famous “O.P.I.U.M.”, it’s no wonder how these series promote subculture values.

This initiative aims to satirize more established collections, such as NodeMonkes and Bitcoin Frogs and operates without any need of specific guarantees or copyrights.

Per their official website, Bitcoin Marionettes are purely artistic with no practical function and should not be considered for serious use or as anything beyond artwork.

Where Can You Buy Bitcoin Puppets?

Purchase Bitcoin Puppets from prominent Non Fungible Token marketplaces that braces Ordinals, such as Magic Eden, Gamma, and O.K.X., using your Xverse Bitcoin wallet.

Xverse is an easy-to-use, non-custodial Bitcoin Web3 wallet integrated with leading Ordinals marketplaces, facilitating access to collections such as these famous Bitcoin Puppets.

Utilizing the Xverse application or Chrome extension, you’re able to securely purchase, sell, inscribe, and manage Bitcoin Ordinals. Load your wallet with BTC, connect it to a marketplace, and start trading.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Puppets With Xverse Wallet?

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To successfully purchase Bitcoin Puppets using Xverse on your desktop or mobile app, here are the crucial steps in doing so:

  1. Start by downloading and funding the Xverse wallet with BTC, or get yourself the Xverse Wallet extension for Chrome browser.
  2. Navigate to the Magic Eden site and then link your wallet with the “Connect Wallet” button icon.
  3. Confirm the connection.
  4. Type ‘Bitcoin Puppets’, browse the collection, and pick the Puppets you’re eager to purchase.
  5. Click on your preferred Puppets and then ‘Buy Now’.

Follow all the presprompts to confirm your purchase and wait for your Puppets to appear in your Xverse Ordinals wallet.

How to Safely Keep & Handle These Puppets With Xverse?

Xverse represents a top Bitcoin Web3 wallet. It supports Ordinals, renowned for its ease of use and straightforward design.

Besides that, it allows you to safely keep, purchase, sell, inscribe, and oversee your Bitcoin Ordinal collections, such as Bitcoin Puppets, all in one place.

Keep in mind that this widely-utilized Bitcoin Web3 wallet also accommodates the following Bitcoin-native tokens such as:

  • BRC-20
  • Runes.

It also supports stacks-based tokens like the following ones:

  • S.T.X.
  • STX-20.

How to Buy Puppet Coin?

You can purchase Puppets Coin directly from cryptocurrency exchanges such as DEX. On DEX, network nodes confirm transactions.

The speed of confirmation varies based on the gas price you set. If you opt for a lower gas price, expect your transaction to experience significant delays in processing.

What Draws People to Collect Bitcoin Puppets Ordinals?

Key Features: Mobile Wallet, Instant Exchange, Security

The allure of Bitcoin Puppets lies in its playful nature and departure from the more serious, investment-driven side of Ordinals.

In this project, we can see many enthusiasts eager to engage with Ordinals for fun rather than financial gain.

Bitcoin Puppets crafts art that playfully critiques prevalent themes by leveraging inside jokes and memes from the Ordinals community, fostering camaraderie based on shared humour.

As one community member said, “We like the art, world peace, and going to $0.”

Supporting the humorous narrative

Besides sharing laughs, the community supports the humorous narrative of the project. Another appeal is its technical aspect—each puppet is an Ordinal inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, enhancing security and decentralization.

This looks extremely attractive to both Bitcoin and NFT enthusiasts. It is useful because the blockchain utility broadens with diverse, interesting collectables such as Bitcoin Puppets.

Besides building its strong community, these puppets have gained much popularity with their Ordinals. Because of all that, these Puppets have become an integral part of the Bitcoin culture as a simple yet engaging project.

Bitcoin Puppets price and statistics

The lowest price for Bitcoin Puppets is 0.193 BTC, with a trading volume of 19.104 BTC from 104 sales over the past 24 hours. During this period, the price floor has risen by 31.04%.

Over the last week, the average sale price was 0.157 BTC, peaking at 0.28 BTC and dipping to a low of 0.114 BTC.

Regarding the Bitcoin Puppets’ rarity, they stand out with the amazing collection of 10,001 (not 10,000!) authentic monkey profile pictures.

Bottom line

So, should you consider investing in this particular collection? According to our crypto experts and their analytics, we advise you to give it a try!

As mentioned above, this collection is unique because of its collection of 10,001 unique monkey profile pictures, or PFPs. We expected its price to grow in the near future! Good luck!

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